Jake Downs – The Prince

A young songwriter came to Toybox last year and this is one of the tracks we recorded. An emerging talent with exciting material. Drum-wise it’s a brush and beater track in the stone room.


Volander – Traffic

This comes from a project that’s a collaboration of myself and Berliner, John Lemke. Traffic features the Kora playing of Moussa Kouyate cut together with John Cage talking on the activity of sound. Brushes and beaters on the drums once again.


Paul Butler – If I Were To Leave You

A good example of a track where an overdub by the piano player means you can’t possibly fade the track out! All credit to Pete Wingfield for that particular performance. Its brush and sticks on the drum kit and one word about the bass drum: Slingerland!


Katey Brooks – This Old Skin

Working with Katey on her on debut album, Proof of Life was a great privilege.  She has a fantastic voice, great feel, and impeccable rhythm from take to take. We recorded the drums in the stone room at Toybox Studios.  It’s a standard kit setup (but with snares wires off) and the natural drum sound makes room for the large vocals.

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