The surdo drum is traditionally a Brazilian instrument in Samba music.  Played at street carnivals en masse it happens to sound great multi-tracked! The first person who asks for this gets the results as a gift of love:)

The surdo on this kit functions like a bass ride. It comes across like a kettle drum without any fixed note. Definitely a special effect but it blends well in the right setting. Can sound really Beirut or amazingly meaty blues on a slow shuffle. I need more examples here – send me your music!

The other modified bits are the variety of the beaters and brushes themselves and a set of eight inch hi-hats.

It all works with either acoustic or electronic music, bombastic impact right next to delicacy. Check out the music with eyes and ears and say hello!

I do also work with a more standard drum kit as required depending on the music.

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